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We help tutors automate their businesses and teaching processes so they can focus on their students and their professional development. We want teachers to worry about teaching only while we handle everything else.

Smart Scheduling

Smart Scheduling

Set your own availability, cancellation and rescheduling policies. Let students pick the best time for them, and get notified when a new lesson is booked.

Safe Payment

Safe Payment

Set your own price, offer students a safe payment method and payout to your bank account whenever you want.

Class Management

Class Management

Plan your classes, keep track of your students' progress, send them feedback and share class materials.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Let us take care of any problems you or your students might come across.

One Platform, endless potential

An all-in-one teaching management platform that makes planning, teaching, and receiving payment experiences easier than ever.

Acquire new students daily through Tutor.id and increase your target audience reach.

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Interested in joining?

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