We treat tutors as entrepreneurs

We empower tutors with tools to help them build a profitable business.

Tutor school subjects or go outside the regular school curriculum (handicraft, for example).

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We treat tutors as entrepreneurs
We focus on the tutor’s needs

We focus on the tutor’s needs

We help you launch a healthy, organized tutoring business with intuitive and powerful management tools.

We certify tutors to work with learning disabilities

We certify tutors to work with learning disabilities

The world does not have enough certified teachers for everyone with a learning disability. We offer training in how to identify a learning disability and teach accordingly.

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We manage group lessons

We manage group lessons

We help you multiply your income by teaching small groups.

We help you manage your business

Maintain pedagogical control

Prepare lessons, mark attendance, share feedback and materials, and access lesson history.

Set up contracts

Issue contracts and get paid monthly until a date you establish, increasing student commitment.

Manage group lessons

Multiply your income by having several students share the same hour.

Display a profile with your schedule

Refer prospective students to a beautiful profile with an easy URL to add to your contact details or business cards.

We help you make more money

Save hours of management time each day with automated payments, bookkeeping, and scheduling. Speed up your method of pedagogical control. Optimize your business.


saved per month using Tutor.id tools


more earnings in One-on-one lessons


hourly fee increase in group lessons
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We help you schedule

Cancel and reschedule

Cancel or reschedule your lessons in a few clicks and we will notify your students.

Customize availability

Say when and where you will be available.

Add discounts

Discount less popular hours so you can fill your agenda faster.

Sync with external calendar

Busy spots will show you as unavailable, avoiding double booking.

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